FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Franklin County sheriff’s officials have spent the last few weeks trying to stop illegal parking at Alligator Point.

Two weeks ago, Franklin County commissioners gave Sheriff A.J. Smith the go-ahead to place boulders along the shoulder of Alligator Drive.

“We just put bigger rocks these big boulders that can’t be moved except with heavy equipment on the right away adjacent to those parking areas.” What we have seen thus far, is that it is working and we hope that it continues to work,” Smith said.

But as soon as one issue is resolved, a new one surfaces.

Hurricane Michael washed away Alligator Drive and the county is finally repaving and repairing it, but the work is causing traffic jams.

“Currently there is only one lane that’s open. So that traffic can move smoothly, they put temporary red lights on each end,” Smith said. “There have been some complaints that people are running the red light. They are getting impatient and we are asking people to abide by the red light, don’t run it. We are going to have deputies there watching and if you do you are subject to a citation.”

Smith is asking residents to be patient and obey the temporary traffic light to avoid crashes or traffic tickets.

“I was down there last week and was waiting on the light to change and it did and I started out and somebody ran the red light on the other side and they had to pull way off the side of the road where it is really soft. They can get stuck so just wait on the light,” Smith said.

Smith said the repaving work will take a while, so the lights will be in place for three months.

Deputies will still be patrolling Alligator Point and will tow or ticket drivers illegally parked.