PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — After a lengthy investigation, law enforcement has arrested three men in connection to the theft of several motorcycles during the Thunder Beach Fall Rally.

42-year-old Christopher Hill, 19-year-old William Hill and 31-year-old Jared Billingsley from Graceville, are all facing grand theft auto charges. Christopher Hill is facing an additional grand theft charge.

Police said they are members of the Iron Horse Motorcycle Club and said they allegedly conspired with two members of the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club, 32-year-old Richard Harvey and 23-year-old Kenjorian Walker from Alabama, to steal five customized motorcycles. Harvey and Walker are also facing one count of grand theft auto each.

“This was a very organized and thought out theft ring and they thought by working at night, utilizing certain communication methods that they were going to remain anonymous and get away with this,” said Panama City Beach Police Chief, J.R. Talamantez. “Well out detectives are very good at what they do and we were able to find them two states away, three states away.”

Chief Talamantez said they’re still looking for Harvey and Walker — and they won’t stop until they find them.

“So if they’re out there and they see this, don’t think that we’re stopping and the next knock on your door might be the swat team coming to pick you up and take you to jail,” Talamantez said.

Authorities said the bikes were taken to Christopher Williams’ house in Graceville where police said they recovered two of the five motorcycles.

Talamantez said teamwork was a big part of this case and said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was a huge help in the investigation.