PANAMA CITY, FLA. — Another downtown business that fell victim to Hurricane Michael’s CAT 5 winds is finally reopening after over 3 long years and is ready to welcome the community.

After the storm, owner Judd Manuel and some friends filled 14 roll-off dumpsters full of debris they pulled out of Mosey’s. Without insurance, it’s taken nearly 4 years to rebuild, on a tight budget.

Manuel says the community rallied around him as he rebuilt. Now, with the job complete he’s ready to open. The grand opening will take place throughout this weekend. Manuel says it’s not just for him and the staff, but for everyone that has supported him over the years.

“Mosey’s is the community and the people that are here,” Manuel said. “We’ve got this old building, but all the people that inhabit it and that come around and friends and new friends and customers. All that stuff, that’s what makes this place what it is and it’s just incredible that, you know, we can be down for that long and still have a comeback.”

Mosey’s will be open from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m., but Manuel says he’s hoping to be open for lunch by the end of June.

Grand opening weekend at Mosey’s.