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“A Beautiful Smile is your Best First Impression”

Dr. Tarek Elzawahry at Advanced Dental Clinic is a family dentist who is very gentle.  Whether you need an annual checkup, or cosmetic dentistry, Advanced Dental Clinic can provide the dental care you need.

General Dentistry

General dentists are health care providers who specialize in services related to the general maintenance of oral hygiene and health. Their focus is on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions affecting teeth and gums. During your initial visit, our staff will work with you to customize a comprehensive treatment plan that meets all of your dental needs.

One of the more common restorations that general dentists like us perform are fillings. When a cavity needs filling, our doctors will precisely match the natural color of your tooth with a composite resin so that the restoration is virtually invisible. This allows is to provide our patients with a more aesthetically pleasing, silver-free smile.

When a filling is not sufficient, a crown may be needed. A crown is a dental restoration that covers or “caps” a tooth so that it may maintain its shape, size, and function. There are a variety of reasons a person may need a crown. It may be helpful when restoring a tooth that is badly shaped, decayed or discolored, when protecting a weak tooth from fracturing, when attaching a bridge to replace missing teeth, or when completing an implant restoration. If you are in need of a crown, our team will explain to you why this type of treatment is necessary to your dental health.

Preventative Dentistry

Focusing on preventative dentistry means emphasizing the importance of periodic cleanings and oral exams. This will aid in early diagnosis of tooth decay and will dramatically reduce the risk of periodontal (gum) disease. Efficient preventative care combines these visits with regular at-home care. Our team is committed to customizing the most effective at-home oral hygiene regime for your needs and educating you about its importance. Helping our patients understand the significance of their oral hygiene ensures a lifetime of dental health.

Another benefit of regular preventative visits is the opportunity for early diagnosis of oral cancer. Far too often, this condition is discovered in late stages of development and results in disfigurement and even death. Dentists are now equipped with important tools that give them the capability to detect abnormal tissue in the mouth by measuring fluorescence. When diagnosed early, prognosis improves significantly. When you visit our office, we will evaluate your risk factors and determine whether or not you could benefit from these screenings.

Because we are not only concerned with your oral health, but your overall well-being we use digital radiography opposed to traditional film exposure. This method emits less radiation and produces higher quality images allowing us to serve you more safely and effectively.

Dr. Elzawahry uses cutting edge techniques, that are less invasive, leaving you with a healthy smile.  We offer same day denture repairs.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth, we offer the Lumilite Laser Whitening System.

We accept most Major Insurance Plans as well as offer convenient financial options for those without insurance.

Give us a call today and schedule an appointment for healthy and beautiful teeth.


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