COTTONDALE,Fla.(WMBB)– The price of diesel fuel is rising and according to U.S. Energy Information Administration, America only has 25 days worth of diesel fuel stored.

Diesel fuel powers some of America’s most important industries. Trucking, farming, and construction could all experience serious issues if the gas runs out. According to the report, America normally has 25 to 40 days worth of diesel oil on hand.

Trucker Cliff Hunter said he burns diesel fuel every day to deliver goods.

“Grocery stores will be empty,” Hunter said. “I mean, the only other way is going to be the railway and I think my percentage may be wrong here, but I think that trucks are responsible for 87% of what travelers cross country.”

The U.S. Energy Information Administration data comes from a metric measure of supplies if country stops importing from other counties.

“I mean, you know, the thing the luxuries that we enjoy every day, we won’t have them if they quit running and that’s your everyday person,” Hunter said. “They’ll be out of a job and we’ll be out of groceries and water it’s scary to think about. I try not to.”

Diesel fuel prices are soaring. Last year the price of diesel started at $3.35 in the state of Florida. The price of diesel is now over five dollars.

Truckers said if it goes any higher it could affect their ability to deliver goods.