PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Testimony finished Wednesday in the third trial of a Bay County man charged with murder. On Thursday, the jury will deliberate the verdict.

On Wednesday prosecutors played a recording of Bay County Sheriff’s investigators questioning Abel Ortiz. During that interrogation, Ortiz admitted he shot at 31-year-old Ed Ross on December 29, 2019.

“They hit the house already,” Ortiz said. “So the spot was sweet he said.”

On Dec. 29, 2019 prosecutors said Ortiz and co-conspirators Andre Bivins and Joshua Campbell tried to rob Ross. Ross was a Panama City Beach drug dealer.

Ortiz told Bay County Sheriff’s officials that Bivins had already robbed Ross’ home three weeks earlier. But this time the robbery went wrong.

“A lot of yelling went down and then like five minutes later shots went off,” Ortiz said.

On Tuesday Ken Ross testified Ortiz knocked on his door and asked for his son Ed Ross. 

When Ken Ross went to get Ed out of the shower, he said Ortiz, Campbell and Bivins rushed into his home with guns.

Ken Ross said they shot at his son seven times, hitting him with five rounds.

Ortiz told investigators he intentionally did not aim at Ross. But Campbell and Ross testified Tuesday that Ortiz was the last to hit Ross, shooting him a fifth time after he was already bleeding to death.

Get-away driver Jorge Hernandez testified Ortiz told him he “caught his first body” when they were driving away. 

Ortiz’s science teacher Samantha Boyd also testified that Ortiz told her he killed a man.

Boyd then reported him to law enforcement. Prosecutors urge jurors to convict Ortiz of first-degree murder. But defense attorney Craig Meredith said there is not enough evidence to convict Ortiz.