LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — It’s been 21 years since the 9/11 attacks, and people are still taking the time to remember the fallen heroes.

On Saturday, Lynn Haven held a remembrance ceremony to reflect.

Lynn Haven Fire Chief John DeLonjay was at the fire station that day and vividly remembers watching the news as the events unfolded.

“You know when we get into this field, we’re here to serve the communities that we protect and sometimes that means putting your own life at risk so it was an honor to see them guys and gals run into the building to help the people that were inside those buildings to get them out,” DeLonjay said.

Part of the ceremony included police cars and firetrucks driving through the park with their sirens and lights on.

A moment of silence was held once the first responders arrived, but for two fire trucks. They showed that protecting the community is the top priority at all times.

The firefighters did what they do best and quickly got back in the truck to respond to a call.

“They just think about saving lives, Lynn Haven City Manager Vickie Gainer said. “That’s what it was really about today, think about those first responders who did not know what was happening and how the magnitude at which it was happening but that they were going to save people’s lives.”

As for remembering this event year after year, it is part of history, and many children today were not alive on that somber day.

Remembering and talking about the 9/11 tragedy is important to make sure the lives lost are never forgotten.

“We’ve got to teach our young students about these events so that way they’ll never forget,” DeLonjay said. “There were so many sacrifices given on that specific day and we just got to cherish those moments and remind everybody every year what actually took place.”

“While things were very tragic, we have to remember that we have to forge ahead for the future,” Gainer said.

The Lynn Haven Fire Department is hosting a 9/11 memorial run and walk Sunday morning. All donations from the event will go to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation.

The event will be at the Old Bailey Bridge. Event organizers said there is no registration required, participants can just show up at 9 a.m. tomorrow.