Local 'National Night Out' Gathers Community with First Responders, Law Enforcement, Military

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Tonight, communities around the country participated in National Night Out.

It's a night where law enforcement, first responders, military and more gather for a fun night with their local communities.

Here in Bay County, locals gathered at the Panama City mall. National Night Out lets locals into the lives of first responders, law enforcement, fire fighters and other life savers. 

"[People] get to know the people that are out there every day serving and protecting them," Scott Ervin, Panama City's police chief, said.

Every first Tuesday in August, the community comes together. 

"See what their tax dollars go towards with some of the equipment that's required in our daily jobs. It's really a great time to interact," Ervin said.

Some came to say 'thank you' or explore a future job. 

"I'd like to be a police man," a few kids told News 13.

Others came to check out the gadgets.

Even though National Night Out lasts just an evening, these two ladies showed off an attitude we can all strive for every day. They say 'Love to Smile'. 

"The shirt is about smiling and becoming a true smiler. I like smiling a lot," the two girls said.

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