Local Man Refurbishes and Donates Bicycles for Those in Need

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - For 35 years a local man has made Christmas wishes come true.  

"Salvage Santa" is gearing up for a busy holiday season.

"Every kid you ask them what they want for Christmas and they say they want a bicycle," said Mike Jones.

Behind Mike Jones' Panama City residence lies his second home, "Salvage Santa's" workshop. 

For 35 years, Jones has brought used bikes back to life to give to those in need, donating them to local charities.

"We polish these up, we put new tires on them, new tubes, seats, handle grips, whatever it takes to make them look brand new again," said Jones. 

So far this year he has made over 450. 

"When this bike is done I'd say wow, kid's going to have a bike to ride and that makes you feel good," said Jones. 

While that in itself seems like a full-time job, Jones is the police chief at Bay District Schools. His "Salvage Santa" operation is run entirely by donations whether it be a bike, supplies or a hardware store gift card. 

"If its got one good part on it, that's a part I don't have to buy because I strip the parts off them and use them to build other bicycles," said Jones. 
This year "Salvage Santa" needs bikes for 7-10-year-olds, typically 20-inch bicycles.

If you would like to donate to his operation call 850-832-2976 or visit

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