Wednesday night, a local group of women put their differences aside and joined forces to give back to the community in a big way. The group of Muslim and Jewish women from the Bay County community filled about 100 bags with food for children to bring home during Thanksgiving break.
They were filled with different types of food including pasta, peanut butter, and soup, and cereal.
“We have gotten together to make food packets for children who are underserved, who have food insecurities,” said volunteer Azka Mahmood.
In a time filled with controversy in our country, these women formed an interfaith sisterhood to unite for a good cause.
“The Jewish women from Temple B’nai Israel have been feeling very distraught over the last year at all of the negative rhetoric that has been out there during this tumuluous election season, and we really wanted to reach out to our Muslim sisters let them know that we have their back,” said Lisa Rahn, Sisterhood President from Temple B’nai Israel Panama City.
They wanted to be able to show the community that no matter what culture or ethnicity you are, it’s important to band together to help those in need in Bay County.
“It’s an interfaith outreach project, but it’s also because we are united in help others,” said Mahmood.
“If we just take the time to learn about each other’s cultures, we will realize that throughout them, there are some basic moral principles that hold true no matter what your religion or lack of religion,” said Rahn.
Most importantly, the project will help make sure that no child goes hungry over break.
“At this time of Thanksgiving, we have so many blessings to count and it is so important though that we reach out to the people in our community that are not as fortunate as we are,” said Rahn.
Rahn says the two groups plan to meet regularly for fellowship and intercultural understanding as well as continue to work together on community outreach projects, including ones like this one.