JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Last month, the Florida Department of Health did a routine inspection of Jackson County Fire Rescue’s EMS division.

The department received a superior rating for the first time ever, the highest possible.

Chief Charles Brunner said achieving this rating was one of his many goals after becoming chief.

“I explained to them that I wanted no deficiencies in any areas and we were fortunate enough to have zero deficiencies in all areas and we are extremely proud of that,” Brunner said. “My staff worked tirelessly for several weeks to help make that come to fruition.”

An FDOH compliance officer even issued a letter to Brunner, calling him “A role model of excellence as an EMS provider in the state of Florida.”

Brunner said he hopes the department becomes a pioneer in rural EMS and is always looking for ways to improve.

Their newest addition is an automatic chest compression machine.

“In a rural area, a lot of times crews have to do CPR for an extended amount of time back to the hospital and it frees up a paramedic to complete other necessary interventions and deliver medications and it doesn’t tire the crews out as much,” Brunner said.

Since the closest trauma center is in Tallahassee, Brunner is also looking to start carrying blood on the ambulances.

“We’re looking to expand our trauma care and carrying blood in the next fiscal year and utilizing grant funds to help that because blood is the number one key to survivability in trauma,” Brunner said.

He is also searching for grant funds to expand training for EMTs.