Local dermatologist and esthetician seeing more clients due to ‘maskne’


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)– In recent weeks, Meredith Murphy, an esthetician at Aqua Medical Spa said she has seen more clients than normal, all of whom seem to be experiencing ‘maskne’ or acne and rosacea exacerbations which can be attributed to mask-wearing.

“People are having all sorts of reactions to this masks, whether its irritation, dry-skin or an increase in blackheads,” said Murphy.

Angela Danley, a physician’s assistant at Dermatology Specialists of Florida attributes heat and moisture that build up under masks as a source of breakouts for the skin.

“It adds more bacteria to an area that is sensitive and prone to contracting bacteria normally,” said Danley.

In order to reduce breaking out, Danley suggested you wear cotton masks, as cotton is a breathable material.

“If you wear a mask once, you should not re-wear it, and wash it with hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free detergent,” said Danley.

Danley also recommends that you not wear makeup under the mask, but if that’s not possible.

“Try to wash your face once or twice a day and then reapply your makeup. Also, make sure the makeup is meant for acne-prone skin,” Danley said.

Murphy said that those who are experiencing skin irritation should look at developing a skincare routine, starting with a good cleanser to eliminate bacteria, as well as, a light moisturizer to keep skin hydrated with SPF to protect from harmful UV rays.

Murphy also suggests that good skin also has a lot to do with diet.

“Make sure you’re trying to eat healthy and drink plenty of water so your body is only excreting good things were putting into it,” Murphy said.

Murphy said that you not pop pimples on your own as you could risk scarring your skin or creating an infection. Instead, consult with a local esthetician to develop a skincare routine that is right for you.

A link to skincare services provided by Aqua Medical spa can be found here.

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