Local Death Row inmate says he is ready to die


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — After nearly 30 years on death row, a local man says he no longer wishes to fight the death penalty.

But even though he won’t be participating, Roderick Orme will get a third sentencing phase in his case.

Roderick Orme was found guilty of raping, beating, and ultimately killing Lisa Redd inside a Panama City hotel room in 1992. He was sentenced to death after being found guilty at trial.

Lisa Redd

Later, an appeal granted Orme a second sentencing phase and he was again sentenced to death.

Then, in 2017, a case decided by the Florida Supreme Court, Hurst v. the State of Florida, deemed it unconstitutional for a person to be sentenced to death without a unanimous jury decision.

This decision reopened Orme’s case and gave him a possibility for a new sentencing phase.

During a death penalty sentencing prosecutors ask a jury to consider a number of aggravating factors that make the murderer worthy of the death penalty. Meanwhile, the defense attorney presents mitigating factors that could convince the jury and the judge that the defendant should not be put to death.

Orme’s attorney, Charles Collins, said his client’s history with drugs, his mental health, and that he “has always shown great remorse for his actions,” were just some of the mitigating factors he planned to present during the new sentencing phase.

However, Orme waived his right to present mitigating factors during the sentencing phase. He also said he does not wish to participate either in person or via Zoom.

“Originally, I had planned on doing this from the beginning. My parents asked me if I could do one last thing for them and not cause them to have to bury me. My parents are now deceased.” Orme said. “I’ve carried this things as long as I can. If I can bring any peace or solace to Lisa’s family by giving up my life I feel that’s the right course of action. I’m not suicidal I don’t want to die but I can’t bear what I have done any longer and I’m ready to accept any punishment that the court sets forth.”

Judge Brantley Clark said he found Orme competent and granted his motion. That means a new sentencing phase will happen but will no longer be in front of a jury and no mitigating factors will be presented. When that phase is over Clark alone will decide Orme’s fate.

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