Local Couple inspired by their son to design clear facial covering


BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — A local couple who designed PPE dental face shields in the past, now are offering something new to those returning back to school.

This local couple decided to create a face-covering after they were inspired by their son who has autism and could not wear a typical fabric mask.

Jennifer and Will Owen at Jet Boat Pilot have created face shields in the past for medical personnel, but this new mask is different.

“We printed off the CDC guidelines for everything it would have to be,” said Jennifer Owen an owner of Jet Boat Pilot. “So I took our regular dental shield and just redesigned it.”

To make what they call ‘Figment’, which was inspired by their son. 

“He wears his to school every day,” Owen said.

Owen said her son Caleb could not wear a typical fabric mask due to his Autism.

“Figment goes to the ears, per CDC guidelines, and then it extends below the chin, and then it wraps up under the chin,” said Owen.

Allowing for full facial coverage. Owen said this face covering is a shield and a mask combined.

“It was tested at ATOR Labs for Co2 disbursement and it passed with flying colors,” said Owen.

And the trend is catching on. Owen said Bay District Schools purchased these face coverings for their speech therapy and early learning teachers.

“The cool thing about it is, you can actually see facial expressions,” said Jennifer’s husband and co-owner of Jet Boat Pilot Will Owen.

Both Will and Jennifer said they thought a clear face covering was not enough to help out children with learning disabilities.

“And so using materials that we already had on hand, in great quantities, we were able to create a full line of musical PPE products,” said Will Owen. “This is a bell cover. It clips on the end of the trumpet or trombone, and whenever it is played, it will be able to have air pass through, but moisture will not pass through.”

Both Jennifer and Will Owen are humbled to help out their community as well as their son.

If you want to learn more about their PPE products you can visit their website for pricing.

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