PANAMA CITY, FL-Contractors tasked with rebuilding thousands of hurricane-damaged houses and businesses in the Panhandle are trying to keep up while dealing with a s stressful work load.

Alan Donalson owns Donalson Construction. He his company has been working around the clock to get things finished.

“Everyday we come off the one we just left to this and come off it and go to a new one,” Donalson said.

“Wow it seems like since October 10th it’s been non-stop 24/7,” Donalson said.

Just 7 months after Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle.

Probably 12, 14, 16 hours daily. A couple of weekends I’ve taken off it’s just been fatigued,” Donalson said.

They’ve replaced over 70 roofs on homes throughout Panama City and remodeled over 30 businesses.

“It’s been crazy. The list was so overwhelming that we just haven’t been able to work through it all. I put everyone on it and done the best I can. People have been really patience,” Donalson said.

A similar story for contractor Anthony Sheffield. His sister’s home had to be torn down.

“Right now it’s a pile of dirt and with all mr other projects going even family I don’t have enough time to help my family,” Sheffield said.

The aftermath of Hurricane Michael still remains on every street and corner.

“Things that used to be easy to do that you take for granite aren’t there now,” Donalson said.