Local church donates almost 2,000 N95 masks to those in need


MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB)–One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That saying ringing true as a local church stumbled upon nearly 2,000 N95 masks leftover from their Hurricane Michael recovery efforts.

“You know people talk about miracles all the time and they’re waiting for these massive miracles you know and to us, this is a miracle,” said LaVon Pettis, a Pastor at Evangel Worship Center in Marianna.

​A few days ago, Pastor Pettis was going through supplies the church had leftover from Hurricane Michael; only to find 80 cases of N95 masks.​

“I was ecstatic. I looked at it first and I went ‘wait what are these?’…I’m like I wonder if this is the type that they’re using,” Pastor Pettis said.

Indeed they were. His discovery totaling 1,920 masks. Immediately, Pastor Pettis made some phone calls. The church ended up donating boxes to Jackson Hospital, Southeast Medical Center, Covenant Hospice, the Sheriff’s department, and several other agencies in need.​

“He found them, brought them into us, and almost doubled the capacity that we had in N95 masks. It was truly a real blessing for us,” said Jim Platt, the CEO of Jackson Hospital.

While Platt’s staff isn’t in need of the masks just yet, he says they are now prepared for any scenario that comes their way. Jackson Hospital also received a donation of 380 N95 masks from Jackson Hospital Foundation Board Member, Linda Moseley, owner of Moseley’s Cotton Gin & Warehouse.

​But the church’s effort to help during the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t stop there.​ The church is currently building a convoy full of food, water, and sanitation supplies.​ They’re doing it through ‘Convoy of Hope’.

​“Our goal is to supply the local churches and the local relief agencies so that they can reach out to the people that they are touching,” Pastor Pettis said.

He says he’s proud to be a part of a community that keeps each other going.​

“We’re all coming together and what we’ve just seen is the resiliency that was already there, it’s just surfacing again.”

To donate to Convoy of Hope or the Evangel Church, visit the following websites.



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