PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Local organizations came together on Sunday to celebrate local caregivers and provide them with resources.

Nationally, caregiver appreciation day is the third Friday in February. However, Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki wanted to give his appreciation to caregiver Stephanie Cole and her late mother Mildred Grady at the second annual Caregiver Appreciation Event.

Cole helped organize Sunday’s event. She was a caregiver to her mother before she passed in 2017 and currently takes care of one of her brothers.

Cole’s other brother, Michael Grady, said he is proud of his sister for stepping up when their family needed her.

“Such a soldier, she didn’t complain it was not a problem,” said Cole’s brother Michael Grady. “She just stood up and did whatever she had to learn. She earned whatever she had to do; she did and she always accepted that responsibility with pride.”

Cole started the Caregiver Appreciation Event to give Caregivers a chance to exchange tips, have fun, and take care of themselves.

Several sponsors from around the community came out to support our local caregivers.

DADSRA Executive Director, Michelle Clay, helped organized Sunday’s event. She said the understands the importance of caregivers a solid support system.

“A lot of time caregivers don’t get a break they are having to be caregivers 24/7 and another thing is a lot of time caregivers don’t get training and they’re kind of thrown into it,” said Clay.

Clay and Cole said they want caregivers to remember to take more time for themselves and have faith.