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Local business uses 8-5-0 charms to help raise money for schools


PANAMA CITY, Fla. — As residents still struggle with Hurricane Michael aftermath, other residents are helping to pick up the pieces; one of them doing it a charm at a time.

Lisa Hanna of L.H. Bead Gallery on Harrison Avenue started exchanging the 8-5-0 strong charms for $10 donations after the hurricane. All of that money has gone directly to schools in the area.

To date, she’s raised over $45 thousand.

100 percent of that money has helped individual teachers, faculty and students pick themselves back up after the devastation of the storm.

“It’s just been very rewarding,” says Hanna. “I just feel like that’s what we’re supposed to do, if we own a business we should be giving back and helping where we can.”

The charms have raised money to help seven different schools and they are now onto their eighth – St. Andrew School.

Their goal is to reach 12 schools by the one year anniversary of Hurricane Michael on October 10th.

To purchase a charm, head over to L.H. Bead Gallery with $10 cash or check. That money will go directly to the schools. After October 10th, the charms will no longer be available.

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