Local activist groups hold virtual panel to discuss acts of racism


Tonight a virtual panel called “Eracism” brought together local activists from around bay county looking to make a difference. Experts discussed topics going all the way back to the beginning of slavery to current events.

Recent protests and acts of violence around the country have been an eye opening experience for many Americans who now see there is a problem.

“It is ingrained and until you stop and really take a look at it you don’t realize how ingrained it really is,” said Christine Smallwood, the LGBTQ representative. 

The outcries against brutality and discrimination has lead people all over to take a stand.

“I think all advocates are waiting and praying for this moment where people are coming together and seeking to learn and understand that it is time to be quiet and listen,” said Hiba Rahim of CAIR of Northwest Florida. 

Here in Bay County groups of different faiths and backgrounds are coming together to do their part to change history.

The reason for holding this panel is to inform the people of bay county about the history of racism. According to local activists, understanding the history is the key to understanding what people today are going through.

The panel talked about the history of slavery, white supremacy and police brutality.

Rahim believes that with tensions rising in today’s society. Now is the time to take a stand.

“The momentum is here and it’s just a matter of whether or not we are going to let that momentum die or really lift it and demand change and that’s what I hope to do with our allies in Bay County,” said Rahim. 

The panelists actively engaged listeners by conducting polls and answering questions sent in by listeners. 

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