Legislators, Supt. Husfelt & Sheriff Ford Visit Schools to Evaluate Security Measures


Campus safety is heightened more than ever following the Parkland school shooting. That’s why local legislators, Bay District Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt, and Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford toured schools to evaluate current security, and what’s needed.

This comes as Governor Rick Scott announces a $450 million plan to keep students safe on Friday.

The plans for metal detectors, bullet-proof glass, steel doors, and upgraded locks are some things Husfelt says was already in place.

“We’re going to expedite that now and see how much we can get done in the very near future just because of the craziness of what we’re dealing with,” said Husfelt.

Senator George Gainer is on board too. “The safe school thing is something that I really, really very much in favor of and I hope that we’ll be able to address that financially before this session’s over,” he said.

Scott’s plan includes designating a law enforcement officer per 1000 students at every public school. Gainer says that’s not enough. “We need to have one out of a hundred that needs to be trained to handle that,” he said.

Sheriff Ford also highlights the importance of trained law enforcement, after it was revealed an armed deputy stayed outside the Parkland school while the massacre unfolded.

“One of things we do at the sheriff’s office is to make sure our school resource deputies are trained for that situation, and really every deputy because every summer each deputy goes through an active shooter training. We’ve been doing that for four to five years,” he said.

Rep. Jay Trumbull says there is a need for more security on school grounds.

“We’ve got to make sure there’s competent people in place that are going to be able to protect our children. That’s number one,” said Trumbull.

“Right now what I’m worried about is not what we’re going to train teachers to do, I’m worried about what are we going to do right now,” said Husfelt.

Gov. Scott wants to also establish an anonymous K-12 ‘If you see something, say something’ hotline, website, and mobile app.  

Scott’s proposal is to have the Florida Department of Education, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement provide school safety and security standards to all school districts by July 1st.

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