Legendary Fishing Spot Reopens


An old tradition that goes back more than 50 years, will soon return to Walton County.  A once popular fishing spot is popular once again. 

For years, the bridge connecting north Walton and south Walton was not just a road to connect resident from one side to the other. It was a place for many residents to go fishing, catch their dinner or enjoy the scenery. 

“Whenever the new bridge was built and the older one was surfaced and that sort of thing, DOT (Department of Transportation) took away and put no parking along there,” explained Sara Comander, Walton County Commissioner.

Which also, meant no fishing, but, now, Walton County will have that opportunity once again. 

“(Walton County fishermen) came to me and asked me, would I do something. It’s one of those projects that makes a commissioner’s heart feel good. You’re doing something for the people that they want and they need,” shared Commissioner Comander.

Commissioner Comander explained, many people rely on this fishing spot for their way of food and living. Knowing it was essential, Walton County officials worked with FDOT to find a way to reopen a portion of the 331 bridge for parking and fishing. 

“Now, we are going to start maintaining under that bridge. We will pick up the trash and make sure there is some kind of accessible road,” said Commissioner Comander. 

Walton County Commissioners signed a maintenance agreement with FDOT in exchange for the reopening of the legendary fishing spot. The fishing hole is officially back open as of this afternoon.

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