Learn the key differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke


SOUTH WALTON Fla. (WMBB) — With the temperatures on the rise, it’s important to make sure you are staying hydrated and cool while enjoying the beach and outdoor activities.

South Walton Fire District Firefighter and Paramedic Steven Foreman explained the difference between heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

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Heat exhaustion is what happens first when the body’s temperature begins to rise. You may feel nauseous, weak and your sweat is not enough to cool you down.

When it comes to heatstroke, that is more dangerous. Your core temperature has reached 105 degrees, and you typically stop sweating. Foreman said to avoid either from happening to you or a family member, be proactive.

“It’s like, we have a rule here at the fire department,” he said. “Before you come in on shift, you need to start preparing the day before. So that means drinking water. If you drink water the day before, then your body will be able to absorb it and it will be able to function properly. If you start drinking water when you have the emergency, you are kind of behind the A-ball, you will have to step up your game.”

Foreman said they receive at least three heat-related calls a week. Of those over the summer, most come from residents. Some tell him they thought they would better be able to handle the heat before calling 911.

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