WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A man who wants to keep Washington County dry has filed two lawsuits in hopes of stopping an upcoming vote on the alcohol issue.

A group hoping to allow residents to buy and sell alcohol in Washington County succeeded in getting enough petitions to get the issue on the ballot. Washington County is one of the last dry counties left in the country.

Ted Spangenberg Jr. is suing Supervisor of Elections Carol Rudd and the Washington County Board of County Commissioners. He said the pro-alcohol faction, Advance Washington, failed to present their petition to the Board of County Commissioners within 120 days as required by state law.

Instead, it was presented on day 159, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit argues that this means the petition and the election should be thrown out. County leaders and Rudd have both said they plan to go forward with the election, the lawsuit states.

Unless a judge intervenes the election is set for January 21.