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Lawsuit Filed in Liberty Electrocution Deaths


The children of Liberty County couple who were electrocuted while working on a baseball field is suing the Florida Public Utilities Company. 

Earlier this month Coach Corey Crum was operating a piece of equipment when it made contact with an overhead power line. The equipment was immediately electrified and coach Crum was electrocuted. His wife, Shana, ran over to assist and was also electrocuted.

Both were pronounced dead at the scene. The Crum’s son was also injured in the incident. 

Family Attorney Hal Lewis wrote that Crum had experience working around power lines and would not have been injured if not for the negligence of the power company. He alleges that wires were improperly installed and improperly de-energized.

First, they were upside down with the bottom line being hot instead of the top line. He adds that the lines had not been energized for years. 

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