Kindergarten Screenings

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This year Bay District Schools is starting kindergarten classes off a little different with a classroom more centered around your child’s needs.

They’re taking extra care to make sure your child is in the right environment. The district is doing this by kindergarten screenings taking place before school to gage what education level each individual student is at.

These screenings are offered at the following 6 different school sites in the district: Hutchinson Beach Elementary, Hiland Park Elementary, Cedar Grove Elementary, Parker Elementary, Lucille Moore Elementary, and Waller Elementary. The cost is covered through grant funding.

Students can attend any of the sites to register for kindergarten. Their parents can learn about their childs’ school, access parent portal as well as have the pre-screening done to see exactly where they’re at academically. Crystal Boyette, Instructional Specialist for Student Services, says this helps with placement so Bay Distract can better assist students.

“Our goal in Bay District is to meet the needs of all students. So we want to make sure we have as much information as possible so we can meet their needs at day 1.” said Boyette.

The district is also offering another incentive for families to attend a screening.

“The exciting thing is that they will be able to get a clothing form to take to the back to school bash on August 1st and skip the long lines and get free school clothes.” said Boyette.

If any families have questions they can call Student Services located at the Bay District School office.

These screenings will take place on Wednesday, July 24th from 9 am to 1 pm, and the following day Thursday, July 25th from 1 pm to 5pm.

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