Jeff Robinson Allstate and Sport Clips are “Open For Biz”


Time for another edition of “Open For Biz”, sponsored by GED Lawyers. This week Chris Marchand, focused on Sport Clips and Jeff Robinson’s Allstate Insurance office.

We begin with Sport Clips in Lynn Haven.. Before Hurricane Michaell, Sport Clips was located in the Cahalls deli shopping center on 23rd street.

Damage to the shopping center helped speed up the process of opening a location in Lynn Haven which was the plan prior to Michael making landfall.

Sport Clips Manager Jody Dryden said, the community has let her know they are very happen to see Sport Clips back open once again.

Dryden went on to say, “So we have been training this past week before opening and i cannot tell you the amount of people that have walked in to say hello when are you opening the facebook messages the calls i have gotten so many calls over the last six months when are you coming back are you coming back that it has been overwhelming we have been really blessed with great clients”.

Call Sport Clips at 571-5890 for an appointment.

On now to something that a lot of people needed in October of last year and that’s insurance. Jeff Robinson has been serving the community with Allstate for over a decade and had to relocate to another building to continue serving his clients after the storm tore up his office on Lisenby avenue.

Jeff said, even though he was in a temporary building his customers knew he was still there to help them.

Jeff also said, “I think the customers have or realize that this is something that is unprecedented that even as an agent nobody was really prepared for the devastation that we had and they have all been very appreciative and supportive of the agency and that we are doing what we can to help them”.

If you are in need of insurance and want to deal with a local call Jeff Robinson at 872-0715.

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