JCSO Helping Kids Get Active this Summer

JCSO Helping Kids Get Active this Summer

MARIANNA, Fla. - Summer camps are nothing new.

We see churches, community centers, and schools host camps every year.

Sometimes we even see law enforcement get involved in hosting a group of kids for some summer fun.

Jackson County students are glad that the sheriff's office is hosting another summer camp.

"It gives us something to do over the summer," said Cameron Odom, Marianna Middle School Student. 

"Yeah, it gets us out of the house for once," said Sergio Wamble, Riverside Elementary Student. 

"I'd probably be sitting on the couch doing nothing," said LaRae Baxter, Malone School Student.

"I would be eating and watching tv," said Amanda Weber, Malone School Student.

But, thanks to the third annual Jackson County Sheriff's Office summer camp, the kids can get out and get active. 

"Get out and have a good time," said Sgt. Jeff Fowler, Jackson County Sheriff's Office. "Give them something to do for the summer other than just sitting at home watching tv or playing video games." 

Officials said it's a way for students from different schools across the county, to interact with one another, while enjoying some of the fun things Jackson County has to offer.

"It's a county wide initiative," said Phillipe Kirksey, Jackson County School Resource Officer. "So they get to maybe meet a kid at Grand Ridge that doesn't meet a kid at Cottondale and they get to make new friends and build new bridges and build new associations."

Sergeant Fowler and Deputy Kirksey are some of the counties school resource officers.

They said the camp is also used to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the kids in the community.

"Our goal is to get kids out and to be with law enforcement in a different setting other than school," said Sgt. Fowler. "You know something for them to do different, see a different side of us, we see a different side of them."

Some of the students even said, it gives them a greater appreciation for their school resource officers and other law enforcement officers.

"Seeing them do something like this for us and let a bunch of kids come out and have fun, it just, kind of warms my heart," said LaRae Baxter, Malone School Student.

Friday will be the last day for the first section of the camp. There will be two more weeks in July.

The camp is free. 

To sign your child up, call Sergeant Jeff Fowler at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office (850)482-9664.

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