JCSB Members Vote No Millage Increase

JCSB Members Vote No Millage Increase

MARIANNA, Fla. - Last Tuesday, Jackson County School Board members discussed a millage increase to help pay for school projects.

At that meeting, one board member was absent, causing the millage increase discussion to be split down the middle.

The district two representative said, before returning to this weeks meeting, he's had a lot of time to think about the issue at hand.

"I did do a lot of research and it did give me a chance to talk to a lot of the county taxpayers and we were able to come to a compromise that I think will benefit both," said Tony Pumphrey, school board member. 

At last weeks meeting, the board adopted to run an advertisement in local papers showing a tentative millage rate of 1.25 capital outlay for the next fiscal year.

But, at Tuesday nights meeting, a compromise was made.

"The capital outlay rate did raise, but the overall millage rate stayed the same," said Pumphrey.

The board voted to decrease the 1.25 capital outlay to 1.14 which is greater than last year, but less than what was proposed for this year.

"That's a win-win for our schools, we get a little bit of money and the taxpayer doesn't incur any additional burden of taxpayer money," Pumphrey said.

Pumphrey said, even though the capital outlay is lower than they had hoped for, they will still be able to complete two of the current projects. 

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