Jay Wade Cutz and Dan’s Pawn Shop are “Open For Biz”


Two businesses in Bay County affected by Hurricane Michael have opened back up for normal business hours after remodeling.

In this week’s Open For Biz, sponsored by Ged Lawyers, News13s Chris Marchand focuses on Jay Wade Cutz Barbershop and Dans Pawn Shop.

We begin with Jay Wade Cutz Barbershop. Jay Wade Cutz was previously in the Panama City Mall, but after the mall shut down due to damage from Hurricane Michael. Owner Jay Wade was forced to find a new location.

That new location is now in the same shopping center as Luckys market at the corner of Hwy 77 and 23rd Street. Jay said, what has made his barbershop what it is today, are the great barbers who share his mindset.

He went on to say. “I have had such incredible barbers come through my location I think about the tracklist in the roster people that I had and that’s what made the name what it is is the fact that we had great barbers customer service I’m big on a family-friendly environment where moms and dads and kids feel comfortable coming into the barbershop I think the biggest thing for me is knowing the people that I have working here are of that same mindset and that is very big very important.”

For more information on Jay Wade Cutz call 532-8671.

On now to Dan’s Pawn on Beck Avenue. Their main building suffered a lot of damage during Michael forcing them to close their Springfield location and the main location on Beck Avenue moved into a temporary facility at the rear of their Beck Avenue location. A year later and they are finally back in a newly renovated facility.

Owner Avery Adcock said the community support has been overwhelming.

Avery also said, “Absolutely great first day we were overwhelmed business is up I do not know the exact percentage but just talking to the customers they were not coming to the temporary location as much as we would like but as soon as we got the place back open they poured in with open arms businesses up double-digit numbers from the previous location so really excited.”

For more info call 481-1115.

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