MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — The state legislature granted Jackson Hospital $750,000 to renovate buildings on the hospital’s expanding campus.

“That’s huge for a rural hospital especially coming out of the pandemic where funds are tight and of course, the community and everyone has seen over the last couple of years the needs that the hospital meets for our community more than ever before probably,” Jackson Hospital CEO Brooke Donaldson said.

Last year, the hospital acquired the old Golson Elementary School property.

Donaldson wants to use the grant money to renovate the existing buildings to free up space in the hospital.

“We’re hoping to get our administration offices out and locate it on the piece of property we were gifted a couple of years ago and be able to use the rooms that are being occupied for administrative services back for patient care,” Donaldson said.

Right now the hospital has 66 beds.

Moving administrators out will allow the hospital to accommodate another 10 to 15 beds.

Donaldson said this grant comes at the perfect time as healthcare struggles to keep up with rising costs.

“The supply chain has truly affected healthcare and in most places, if the supply chain costs go up the cost of the product goes up and that has not happened in healthcare,” Donaldson said. “The margins have definitely shrunk and it prevents us from being able to do these capital expansions that we need to do to better serve the communities.”

Other future plans for the Golson property include an ambulatory surgery center, a diagnostic imagery center, and a medical office building.

Jackson hospital officials hope to make the move to their new space in the next year and a half barring any construction delays.