New location for Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Jackson County

Out with the old and in with the new, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office made the exciting transition to a new office Tuesday.

The new office is located at 4111 South Street in Marianna.

“It’s definitely been a long trying process. in the end i think it will be worth it. now that we see everything coming to fruition, we’re getting everything set up, everything’s coming together,” said Sarah Sun, the Director of Administration for the JCSO.

The old sheriff’s office sustained severe damage from Hurricane Michael—forcing the office to work out of portable trailers.

In an effort to help, Governor Rick Scott donated the new property to the sheriff’s office—allowing them to equip their offices with state of the art technology.

“As far as 911, it has some enhanced features that we’ve never had here in our county. so that’s gonna benefit the citizens,” said Captain Scott Edwards.

Not only is the sheriff’s office able to improve public safety, but the move will also help communication between offices.

“After the storm hit, we’ve been working out of trailers, we’ve been everywhere, we’ve all been scattered in different locations, so it’s finally good to be back under one roof,” said Sun.

While future storms are unpredictable, captain edwards chooses to look on the bright side.

“We know that we will withstand a storm. we had very minimal damage to the roof here during the hurricane so we feel very comfortable knowing our people and staff will be safe,” said Edwards.

With the transition finished, the sheriff’s office is conducting business as usual.

“There will be nobody at the old building, so come through here. it still, you know, looks a little rough on the outsides, but we are here. so just make your way up to the receptionist
and we can get them help,” said Sun.

The switch should not affect callers as all phone numbers remain the same.

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