Jackson County shifts from Democratic to Republican majority


MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — The Republican Party of Jackson County has taken a slight edge over the Democratic Party. 

Democrats now trail behind the Republican Party by six registered voters. Clint Pate, the head of the Jackson County Republican Party said they’re excited about meeting their goal and their current lead over the Democratic Party in the area. 

“We’ve made a big increase in the last year,” Pate said. 

He said they had a large gap to fill and being over by six voters is a huge accomplishment for the Republican Party in Jackson County. 

Pate said the switch began to slowly happen back in 2014 when he and Eric Hill were the first Republican candidates voted into office in Jackson County history. 

Now, Pate also credits COVID-19 for part of their success as well. 

Back in March, the Republican Party sent out over 5,000 flyers and they saw a late increase in registered Republican voters. 

“You know, the COVID-19 started about that time so people weren’t moving around,” Pate said. “But they got their mail, filled them out, sent them back in and I think the late push, that’s what did it.”

Jackson County has a big local election season coming up as well. The Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections, Superintendent and two County Commissioner seats will be up for election and Pate believes the shift from blue to red in the county could affect the results.

For more information on how to get registered to vote or on Jackson County local elections, visit the Supervisor of Election’s website.

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