Jackson County Prepares for Hurricane Michael


As Hurricane Michael approaches, county officials all over the panhandle have declared a local state of emergency and are planning to open their storm shelters.

Jackson County officials gathered, Monday morning, to discuss a plan for the storm.

“We’re just cautioning people that, now they’re looking at this thing coming in as a cat three at a hundred and twenty miles per hour and there was some mention of it getting even stronger than that and that concerns us greatly,” said Rodney Andreasen, Emergency Management Director.

Officials are preparing Marianna High School, Monday evening, to have it open for shelter, Tuesday morning.

“We’re looking at going into a level one activation early in the morning,” Andreasen said. “Start moving our people with special needs then open our general shelter.”

Andreasen encourages anyone living in mobile homes, modular homes, or areas susceptible to flooding to take use of the shelter.

“We’re looking at hurricane forced winds sustained in the county,” said Andreasen. “That’s going to knock down trees on trailers, manufactured homes, on cars, people and we just want to make sure they’re out of there.”

Officials encourage everyone to fuel their vehicles and be prepared for power outages.

“Make sure that you have enough food for at least, I mean, a minimum of three days and water for three days,” Andreasen said. “Preferably I’d rather you have seven days worth.”

Andreasen said severe damage is to be expected to the southern party of the county.

“This is something that’s has never hit Jackson County before and if it continues on this same path, the destruction’s going to be bad,” said Andreasen.

Jackson County is in the northern part of Michaels path. To find out information on plans in surrounding counties view the Live Updates Hurricane Michael tab on our website..

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