MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — On Tuesday, state lawmakers heard a long list of items in Jackson County to take with them to Tallahassee next week.

Senator George Gainer and Representative Brad Drake met with Jackson County citizens and employees to discuss county concerns.

Residents spoke one-by-one, asking for funding from state representatives at the legislative delegation.

“The Jackson County School Board has presented three local fund initiative requests,” JCSB Federal Programs Director Michael Kilts said.

One of those requests is to move their transportation center to a warehouse next to the Marianna K-8 building, so it’s in a more convenient and accessible location.

That is a $1.5 million project.

Chipola College officials also took to the podium and requested $2 million to renovate their STEM building.

Also, Tammy Dasher, the Program Director of Nexstep at Endeavor Academy, is asking for $400,000 to continue their vision for the upcoming autism school.

“With this funding, we can ensure that Nexstep at Endeavor Academy can offer high-quality services which will provide a foundation for adults with autism to be productive engaged citizens of our state and part of the workforce that will lift our area’s economy,” Dasher said.

Senator Gainer said the Nexstep project caught his eye.

He and Representative Drake will take those applications to the Senate next Tuesday, January 11.