Jackson County announces changes in recycling operations


Marianna, Fla. (WMBB)–Residents in Jackson County can expect to travel a little further to drop off their recyclables.​

This happening after the county decided to remove recycling trailers from certain towns and cities.​

In the past, residents were able to drop off recyclables in their towns designated trailer–now they may have to travel to the county’s recycling warehouse in Marianna.​

Grand Ridge, Cottondale, Marianna, and Alford have decided to continue their recycling services with their own municipal employees.​

But, other areas will not due to funding.​

While residents may be upset, the county says the decision is not permanent—they hope to fully restore services in the future.​

“The reason for it being is that we no longer have a person funded for the next fiscal year that will be able to go out and pull in the trailers to be processed. So with it being right there at the warehouse, obviously we can go outside with our own equipment and bring it in,” said Rett Daniels, Jackson County Public Works Director.

Residents can still drop off their recyclables at their communities designated trailer—but they may just have to travel to the county’s warehouse to do so.​

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