Inmate Found Guilty of Second Degree Murder

Inmate Found Guilty of Second Degree Murder

MARIANNA, Fla. - The six man jury in the murder trial of the State of Florida vs Frederick Patterson III has come to a unanimous decision.    

Jackson County Chief Assistant State Attorney, Michelle Daffin, presented the jury with pictures of the crime scene where Frederick Patterson III beat his cell mate to death.

Daffin showed the gruesome pictures to help the jury get a better understanding of what Patterson had done to cell mate, Scott Collinsworth.

"What we saw in those pictures looked like something out of a horror movie. But it was a real person, that that man killed," said Chief Assistant State Attorney, Michelle Daffin.

Patterson's defense attorney argued that, while he did kill Collinsworth, it was heat of passion that took it to that level.

"They have to prove second degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm telling ya'll, he's not guilty of second degree murder. He's guilty of manslaughter," said defense attorney, Derek Blount.

The jurors deliberated for roughly 45 minutes before reaching a unanimous verdict.

"We the jury find as follows, as defendant Frederick W. Patterson III in this case, the defendant is charged with second degree murder," said John Bruner, Clerk of the Court.

Patterson will be seen before Judge Christopher Patterson, Thursday morning, for sentencing.

Patterson is also accused of performing a similar act that killed his 82-year-old cell mate, Arthur Williams, at the Jackson County Correctional Facility earlier this month.

No court dates have been set for that case at this time.

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