'I Could Have Died': Man Claims a Car Saved His Life

CALLAWAY, Fla. - Weekend plans for a Bay County man took a dramatic turn for the worse on Saturday. 

He was hit by something that didn't kill him, but could have. 
As News 13's Alex Thorson tells us, he said his car saved his life. 

Robert Brimer had his last work day before a week long vacation all planned out. 
He'd relax and run errands before work at Best Buy. 

"[I thought] and before I get to work, I'm gonna stop and get some gas. Once I got some gas, I was on my way to work," Brimer said.

However, the day took a turn. Brimer's  Mitsubishi Eclipse took a hit from mother nature. 

"Next thing I know, I felt another loud bang, and then I felt my car shake left to right," he said.

"I have glass all on my window, all on me," Brimer said in a Facebook Live after the strike. 

He called his family and best friend. "I see [saw] the car and I was like, you got struck by lightning bro," his friend, Charles Williams, said.

"I was just hit by lightning and I was not going to be going in to work," Brimer said.

He said his own experience was hard to believe. 

"Unbelievable, unbelievable. I've got glass all in my car," he said in the Facebook Live. 

"I am truly just one in a million I guess. That's what my dad thinks of me now, one in a million," Brimer said.

"The odds of being struck by lightning across the country is about one in a million. Everyone says 'one in a million shot' and that really is about what it is," News 13's Chief Meterologist, Justin Kiefer, said.

Now days later, he can't stop thinking of "what if's": what if his window were down, and what if he or someone else would have been outside the car. 

"It was something I guess I can never ever ever forget," Brimer said. "Thinking like, I could have died," he said.

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