Hurricane Supplies Offered Tax-Free For Floridians

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - The start of June also means the start of hurricane season, and Florida officials are making it easier to prepare by offering all hurricane supplies tax-free for one week.

Assistant Store Manager, Val Bates, said Home Depot is offering a one-stop shop for all of items needed in an emergency kit.

"With power outages you're going to have darkness there so get your flashlights and batteries, of course water, plenty of water on hand, coolers to keep that cold, coolers to keep any foods that you need to keep cold, tarps if you have any holes in your roof -- patch up any broken windows or anything," 
He recommended stocking up on those kinds of supplies now, instead of waiting for when the storm hits and stores are running low.    

"Everybody rushes in here at the last minute to get their stuff and it runs out," Bates said.

He said store staff can help you find exactly what you need to be prepared.

"If you need some recommendations about what you may need, what size generator you may need to run what appliances, whatever cords to run those generators, we've got it, we've got something to cover you," Bates said.

All generators under $750 are also included in the tax-free deal.

The offer ends Thursday, June 7.

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