Before hurricane Irma, supplies were flying off the shelves leaving most stores empty. Now that the storm has passed, plywood and generators are back in stock, and it’s not because of a new shipment. 

A line full of customers with sheets of plywood and unused generators, supplies people thought they were going to need for the storm. 

“I kept it for the last moment and since we were so lucky and god blessed us, with the storm passing right by us… I’m just returning it,” said customer, Joe Olear. 

Home Depot employees say it’s better to be safe than sorry during hurricane season. For those who bought supplies “just in case” and did not use them, returning them is as easy as making any other return. 

“We know that some of those generators probably were not going to be used but as long as they didn’t put gas or oil inside the generator, then they can bring it back,” said Home Depot Store Manager, Jack Milam.

In fact, seeing an influx of supplies being returned after the storm isn’t rare. “Should a hurricane get this close again, they’ll come and grab them. If they don’t need them and they don’t have room for them, we expect them to bring them back,” said Milam. 

Luckily the hurricane Irma wasn’t as bad in Bay County, but should another hurricane threaten the area, Home Depot says they’ll have the supplies ready.