Weathering the storm: Rodney Andreasen

Weathering the Storm

JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Last October, Hurricane Michael took the lives of three people in Jackson County.

Jackson County Emergency Management director Rodney Andreasen says he was stunned by what he witnessed the day of the storm, but he was able to channel his fear and spring into action.

“Just the day it hit, just the impact of what I saw afterwards, it was just, you know, I saw my town that I grew up in, and that was pretty much destroyed,” he said. “It was, it was scary. I mean, it was a controlled fear, if you want to call it that. But it was a healthy fear in that I knew what we had and what was coming.”

Michael quickly intensified to Category Five, wiped out several communities along the panhandle and left massive destruction behind. But Andreasen is optimistic about Jackson County’s recovery.

“It’s a challenge for anybody, but you’ve got a lot of people that are working together to get this county back to where it should be. And it’s just going to take some time, but it’s it’s a positive thing,” he said. “It’s not a negative thing. It’s a positive thing that we’re trying to do and trying to impress upon people.”

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