Weathering the storm: Jon Dillenbeck

Weathering the Storm

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Last fall, Jon Dillenbeck was remodeling his home in Mexico Beach when Hurricane Michael crashed the coast.

“It was pretty much done on the inside, and we were going to go work on the outside,” Dillenbeck said. “Well, when Michael came through, it tore a hole in every piece of the roof and ruined everything that we’d already put up.”

He says he’s still working to save what Michael took from him.

“It’s just, it’s just a daily battle. You know, you work, you work somewhere and you go home and you work on your house,” he said.

Despite challenges with repair crews and his insurance company, he’s starting to see his home slowly come together again.

“It’s going along, and it’s going forward,” he said. “They had to take all the plywood off the roof because it was all moldy. They had to tear it down to nothing but the studs…So, it’s like building a house that you already had. That’s the hardest part.”

When Dillenbeck’s family of four is not sleeping in a camper outside their unlivable home, they stay in a house made available to them by the community. Now ten months later, Dillenbeck’s home is still without power, but he’s beginning to see light.

“It’s getting a lot better for me personally because I’m getting somewhere, you know. But it’s still not there. So, it’s still a daily struggle. But, you know, I wouldn’t live anywhere else,” Dillenbeck said.

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