Weathering the Storm: Michael David Askegren

Weathering the Storm

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Michael David Askegren ran the emergency operations center at Tyndall Air Force Base during Hurricane Michael.

“The one thing I take pride in is that we had 93 members on base and all 93 survived,” Askegren said.

They started with the basics- making sure electricity and water access were on base. Askegren compares military installation to a small city.

“We have many of the same problems and many of the same challenges and many of the same opportunities that local communities have,” Askegren said.

He had taken command of the civil engineer squadron 86 days before the storm and says he was still adjusting when the hurricane hit.

“The storm really changed everything for me,” Askegren said. “The past year for me has been focused purely on how do we rebuild Tyndall, how do we take the opportunity that’s been given to use to build the base of future to go forward?”

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