Bay County Long-Term Recovery Task Force ratifies final recovery plan document

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) ― Big step taken for the Bay County Long-Term Recovery Task Force as several months worth of work has culminated into a final plan document which was ratified by the task force.

In the plan over 300 projects have been identified to be crucial to recovery which includes housing, infrastructure, and more.

The task force said the real work is just starting as the document now needs to adopted by the county commission and published on the Federal Register, so that the task force can start pursuing funding and allocating federal dollars.

“They put the funding out there so it’s basically allocated in a bucket so we’re waiting on the Federal Register to to have it advertised. Once it’s advertised we can start putting in applications and I believe we have an October deadline that we have to at least identify our plan that we have, so they’ll know that we’re going to be pursuing these dollars,” said Robert Carroll, Bay County Long-Term Recovery Task Force chairman/District 2 commissioner.

Carroll stated that other funding sources will be utilized such as the private enterprise, especially for projects such as housing.

He also noted that modifications to the plan can still be made and that it will be available on the task force’s website.

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