Hundreds of people still without homes, live in tents following Hurricane Michael.

Many of them camp out at the Forest Park United Methodist Church in Panama City.

“We are wondering why the things we still need as a community as a whole, not just us there are people spread out everywhere, we are wondering why, we feel abandoned,” said Tammy Nichols.

Nearly 7 weeks after Hurricane Michael, hundreds are still without homes, living in tents. 

“There’s no place to go,” said Nichols.

Workers, volunteers, and families make up the population living in tents. Many are unable to find housing or say they were denied assistance from FEMA.

“I feel the hurricane was devastating but this, this is more devastating,” said volunteer Robert Berry.

They make do by the generosity of the community. Tammy Nichols has become what some are calling the ‘camp mom.’

“Anytime anyone needs anything she does it. I don’t know how but she does,” said Kevin Griesceimer.

Now they face another challenge- cold weather. 

“We are doing the best we can. It’s cold,” said Nichols.

She said they need more generators, heaters, cords and cleaning supplies like trash bags and disinfectant wipes. Also, small mittens and hats for the children.

The tent city is located at Forest Park United Methodist Church at 1401 W 23rd St, Panama City, FL 32405.