A group of hunks and some local hounds, who posed for a calendar shoot, will soon make their way onto the cover of an acclaimed author’s romance novels. News 13’s Peyton LoCicero tells us more about this project that will benefit a Panhandle area animal refuge.

Here’s a real “rags to riches” or rather let’s say “wags to riches” story, after a local calendar photo shoot caught the attention of a best selling author.

“We are shooting photo covers or book covers for the next five books in my very popular series called, The Dogfather,” said Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times Bestselling Author.

You may be wondering, how a New York Times, best selling author found a refuge located here in Northwest Florida.

“When I was researching covers for the first books, I found these amazing photos online and they were shot by a photographer here in Freeport at Alaqua,” explained St. Claire.

“She came across the Alaqua 2015 calendar that we shot called, Hunk and Hounds. And she saw some of the imagery and called me and said, “Hey, this is awesome. Where are you?”” said Dawn Whitty, Dawn Whitty Photography.

Three years later, St. Claire is ready to publish the next books in her seven part series.

“Every single cover has a rescue dog on it and…..a really hot guy. I mean because they are romance novels,” shared St. Claire.

“Everybody is going to notice that hunk but what we hope captures their hearts is seeing our hounds on those covers,” said Beverly Baum, Alaqua Volunteer Coordinator.

It’s not only about capturing that picture perfect moment between the hunk and the hound, it’s also about supporting a local shelter. A portion of the book’s proceeds, will be donated back to Alaqua.

“We are 100 percent donation based, so, any more funds and monetary donations that we can get, means more animals that we can help save,” said Baum.

The ultimate goal of this project is to find each one of these furry friends a forever home. St. Claire’s first four novels, in the seven part series, are in book stores and online now.