Bay County officials say hundreds of families that survived Hurricane Michael are now facing eviction and homelessness as a FEMA program is set to expire. 

In a news conference held Friday afternoon, county officials said the Transitional Sheltering Assistance program is set to end on April 8. On April 3 FEMA sent the county and the state notice that they had approved a 60-day extension. However, that extension is only for households currently in the program who have shown a documented permanent housing plan that will be executed in the next 60 days. 

“Bay County has since learned from FEMA that only roughly 17 households are actually eligible for this ‘extension’ (out of 280).”

County officials added that hundreds of people about 90 percent of the disaster survivors in the TSA program will be evicted on Tuesday. 

The county has sent FEMA an appeal letter and is reaching out to Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott.