How to Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Summer is here which means more and more people will head to our beaches or pools. But when there's water there's the potential for tragedy. That's why a local business trying to help prevent drownings.

Brittany Moog started Bitty Bubbles swim school two years ago, first partnering with a local health center to use their pool. They quickly outgrew that facility and now have their own in Panama City where they teach children swim lessons year round. 

"We want to teach them how to float how to touch the end of the pool, how to get them out of the water and get them to a safe space," said Moog.

"We live on the water and didn't want to take any chances," said Thomas Frey.

Thomas's son Breckin is in his first week of swim lessons.

"He's gone from a little skiddish to just jumping in there. He still swims like a little stone but he is getting there!" said Frey.

Brittany said one mistake many parent make is relying on store bought inflatables that are not Coast Guard approved.

"Inflatables give us a false sense of hope and security. They can pop at any time. They are also not built to keep your child upright so at any time they could end up with their eyes down in the water struggling to get back up," said Moog.

If swim lessons are not an option for your family, supervision is the number one key to preventing pool accidents.

"We as parents like to think we will always be there and sometimes we find out we can't and unfortunately some of those tragic accidents have happened already in Bay County this year," said Moog.

Swim lessons are not just for children. People can learn how to swim at any age. Bitty Bubbles is currently working on creating programs for adults so that everyone can enjoy the water this summer. They've served nearly 400 children with swimming lessons and are looking for more qualified coaches. They offer anything from one on one survival classes all the way up to swim team practice.

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