‘Horse Whispering’ provides therapy for horse owners and animals


PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. — It’s not easy to synchronize your mind with a one thousand plus pound animal, but Swiss native Elli Pospischil has mastered the skill. 

“It really helps your horse build a lot of mental, emotional and physical fitness,” she said.

She’s a “Parelli Natural Horsemanship” protegee and she says the method is all about understanding the complexities of horse behavior to form a stronger bond.

“There’s something about horses, that relationship and that conversation you can have with a horse is just so much more than riding a bike or driving a boat,” said Pospischil. “They actually talk back to you if you are ready to listen.”

Now, she’s helping Panama City Beach resident Joanie Patronis do the same. 

“Her dream with horses is most of all to have a harmonious relationship with the horses,” said Pospischil.

“There was always something missing,” said Patronis. “I could ride them, but I didn’t have the connection.”

Patronis says the process has given her something special.

“The relationship with Elli has just grown and built, along with the relationship with the boys,” she said. “It’s just a beautiful journey.”

She’s developed a connection with her horses, Cash and Striker, that she never thought she would have. 

“For them to offer that to you, and give it to you, it’s a reward.,” saisd Patronis. “It’s the best feeling.”

The newfound friendship between owner and trainer is helping to forge a deeper relationship between owner and horses. 

Patronis says she wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

“I just wish this method or belief or friendship or unity, I just wish that on the world,” she said.

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