Home Tossed Across Highway 98 in Hurricane Michael Gets Demolished

ST. JOE BEACH, Fla. - We've heard stories of entire homes swooped into the gulf in east Bay County. 
One St. Joe Beach man rode out the storm in a safe house behind his home and returned to find another home in his front yard.

James Murphy never expected his neighbors' home would end up in his front yard.

Before Hurricane Michael, three homes sat just behind his home on the beach. During the storm, part of one of those homes was pushed across the street and into this home. Now, this week, that homeowner saying he can finally move on.

Since the storm, he said it's been a waiting game.

"This will all be tore down. Everything will come down to the ground," he said, pointing to his home and another near it. He said he's been waiting for the county to demolish and remove the home shoved into his home office.

Murphy said he still wants to get some some government tax papers, he said, "which will save me a lot of headaches."

County excavators finally took it down Thursday morning. "Now we can move on. It's been slow, government's been slow, but, they've been there continuously," he said.

When it comes to rebuilding, he said he's not sure. "Everything is changing. Building codes are changing. It's going to be a whole new game," Murphy said. His future is uncertain.

"You come down here, you retire here, and you put everything you have into retiring here, and now you gotta pick the pieces up," he said. 

But his attitude, shines through. "You just gotta do it, that's part of life," he said. 

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