BONIFAY, Fla. (WMBB) — On Monday afternoon Holmes County senior Tyler Erickson went to golf practice. He then came home and drank some water before deciding to go back on the course.

Once the sun went down and Erickson still wasn’t home, his parents went looking for him. They found their son slumped on the floorboard of the golf cart on the sixth hole.

In a Facebook post, Erickson’s parents said he may have had a heart attack or blood clot.

“I was absolutely just shocked,” Erickson’s English Teacher Stephanie Pippin said. “I texted my friend Rachel and said “please tell me it’s not true.”‘

His father, Holmes County Commissioner Clint Erickson has requested an autopsy.

“He was a great leader,” Holmes County High School Assistant Principal Mandi Boyd said. “He was our Beta club president and our state beta club president.”

“He always asked me every single day, are you having a good day? Are you having a good day today? And I appreciated that,” Boyd said.

Teachers say Erickson was a great student who loved to write.

“I just happened to pull up an assignment he had submitted last year online,” Pippin said. “And he had titled it ‘Please be proud of me.’ And I don’t think there is anybody on this campus that wouldn’t agree, he was the epitome of a Blue Devil.”

Students and teachers said they will always remember one thing about Erickson.

“He just had a bright smile,” Erickson’s friend Matthew Holbert said. “When you saw him smile you knew today was going to be a good day.”

Holbert lived across the street from Erickson. He said the two were childhood playmates. He remembered Erickson for always making sure to include everyone and make them feel comfortable.

“He loved everybody and everything,” Holbert said. “He has real passion for what he does. And he has a passion for caring for others. Making sure they feel welcome.”

Holmes County High School plans to release balloons honoring Erickson Wednesday at 2 p.m. There will also be a candlelight vigil Wednesday night at Dogwood Lakes Golf Course.

It would have been his 18th birthday.